Porcelain Crowns: Restore Brilliance & Comfort to a Damaged Tooth

Do you have a damaged or severely decayed tooth? Do you wish your smile was more balanced and symmetrical? 

Whether you have structural or cosmetic concerns affecting your teeth, porcelain crowns can help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile. 

Why should you consider a crown (cap) from Steven M. Balloch, DDS, in Glastonbury, CT?

The Top 3 Benefits

Improved Strength

If your tooth is damaged by decay, infection, or trauma, a porcelain restoration can cover the affected tooth, protecting it against additional damage and restoring strength to your bite. 

Impressive Durability 

Today's crowns are made with high-quality, medical-grade porcelain that is made to withstand constant chewing. With proper care, most caps last up to a decade or more. 


Unlike the gold and silver caps of the past, modern caps are made with lifelike dental porcelain. Dr. Steven Balloch will closely match the porcelain to the shade, shine, and texture of your teeth.

A Closer Look 

Because crowns can be used to cover damage and cosmetic concerns, they have both functional and cosmetic benefits for the patient. Caps completely cover the outer surface of teeth, protecting them from damage, further decay, and pain. 

Each cap is customized to your smile. It will be fabricated in a high-tech dental laboratory from porcelain. In most cases, treatment spans two dentistry appointments

Video: Pamela's Story

For the last several years, Pamela has come to Dr. Balloch for everything from general dentistry to extensive dental work. During her dental treatment testimonial, she says that she finds the staff so friendly that she often chats with them in the office and over the phone. Having moved out of the area a couple of years before, she tried other dentists, but came back to Dr. Balloch and his team because of their compassion and expertise.

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If you suffer from dental complications, you may benefit from porcelain crowns, available at our Hartford, Connecticut dental practice.  These natural-looking dental prosthetics can be used to treat teeth that are cracked, chipped, misshapen, or otherwise damaged.  They can also replace lost teeth in conjunction with a dental implant. However, unlike some other dental prosthetics that provide primarily aesthetic benefits, caps are functional and effective, and can restore your oral health and improve your bite. And unlike dentures, this solution is used to repair or replace single teeth. In some cases, a veneer or another solution may be the best way to meet your needs. Our dentist will conduct a close examination to determine which solution is right for you.

Rejuvenate Your Teeth and Smile with Confidence

Our Glastonbury, CT, team, led by Dr. Steven M. Balloch, is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and will work alongside you to meet your aesthetic and dental health goals.  To schedule a consultation with our dentist or to learn more about this and other solutions we offer, such as dentures, contact our Hartford cosmetic dentistry practice today.

Placing Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown completely covers a damaged tooth, restoring its functionality, and preventing further damage to the tooth that is being treated.  To place your restoration, the tooth that is being treated will first be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the crown.  It is necessary to remove a specified amount of material from the damaged tooth so that the crown will look natural and will fit precisely.  Once the tooth has been prepared, a mold will be made so that the cap can be custom fabricated in our dental laboratory.  While the permanent crown is being made, a custom temporary crown will be used to protect the prepared tooth.

If you choose to replace a lost tooth with a crown and implant, you will need to undergo a surgery in which the implant is placed in the jaw. This option requires about three to six months of healing time before you can receive your crown. Dr. Balloch can examine your teeth to determine the best solution for your needs.

Once the permanent cap is complete, the temporary will be replaced.  A test fitting will first be made to ensure that the crown fits properly; if need be, small adjustments can be made to the porcelain so that the crown can be comfortably secured.  When ready, the porcelain crown will be bonded with dental cement, and will look, feel, and function just as a natural tooth would.

People tell me that I have a wonderful smile and that makes me want to smile more, something I never wanted to do before. If I had the chance to go back and do it again, I would without any questions. Thanks, Dr. Balloch, for giving me the smile of my dreams.

Porcelain Crowns Cost

The cost of porcelain crowns can vary drastically.  If you need a cap for a practical purpose, insurance will usually cover at least a portion of the cost. If you need it for a cosmetic purpose, you can expect to pay out of pocket, just as you would for a veneer. At our Hartford, Connecticut dental practice, we offer affordable treatment options for the benefit of our patients, but it is impossible to provide a quote without first thoroughly discussing your needs and goals in person.  During your initial consultation, we will go over your oral health history and determine the most effective way to restore your smile’s natural luster and functionality.

Contact Us Today Regarding Porcelain Crowns

We would be happy to help if you have chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth and are seeking an aesthetically pleasing and long-term dentistry solution.  We have extensive experience with porcelain crowns and will provide you with unwavering patient care.  We invite you to contact our Glastonbury, CT, cosmetic dentistry practice today to schedule a consultation.


Dr. Balloch

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