Dramatically Brighten Your Smile in One Visit with Teeth Whitening

You brush and floss every day, but your smile is still dulled by stains and discoloration that you can't seem to get rid of with at-home care.

If yellow teeth are a daily source of frustration for you, professional teeth whitening at our Glastonbury, CT, dental office may offer the solution.

Steven M. Balloch, DDS, uses proven whitening agents to produce dazzling results...

3 Outstanding Benefits of Professional Whitening

Eliminate Stubborn Stains

No matter how well they are taken care of, teeth will naturally lose their whiteness over the years due to age and exposure to consuming things like wine, tea, coffee, or tobacco. Dentists use powerful whitening products to eliminate the toughest stains and whiten your smile.

Get the Results You Want...Fast

Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and whitening strips can take several weeks to show any differences. And in many cases, the end results are inconsistent and disappointing. But with in-office whitening, you can get dramatic results in just one dental appointment.

Boost Your Confidence

Most people don’t realize it, but one of the easiest ways to "freshen up" your face is teeth whitening. Many patients of Dr. Steven Balloch in Glastonbury, CT, report that after teeth whitening, they receive compliments from complete strangers on their smiles.

Professional Whitening Is Faster, Safer, & More Advanced 

Our Glastonbury Office Uses Zoom! Whitening

A young woman with short, brown hair looks over her shoulder.Widely recognized as the premier teeth whitening system, Philips Zoom!® is ideal for patients who want dramatically whiter teeth with a minimal investment of time. This gentle, highly effective procedure usually requires about an hour and a half from beginning to end and produces immediate results, with teeth becoming six to eight shades whiter on average after a single application. This means you will leave our office with a brilliant new smile and none of the inconvenience associated with at-home tray-based bleaching systems, whitening toothpaste, and other whitening products.

What a fabulous natural looking result. "I didn't think my teeth could ever look this good."

The Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Procedure

The Zoom! teeth whitening systemZoom!® teeth whitening at our Hartford, Connecticut-area office is a dentistry treatment that is relaxing and pain-free, perfectly complementing our spa-like atmosphere. When you arrive for your teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Balloch will begin by applying the patented Zoom!® whitening gel, which is then activated by exposure to a gentle blue light for 20 minutes. This process is repeated twice, for a total treatment time of one hour and a half. At the end of the tooth whitening procedure, your teeth will be amazingly whiter, with results that – with proper care and routine professional cleanings – will last for years.

Since light and a mild hydrogen peroxide gel are the only two active ingredients in the Zoom!® teeth whitening system, our dental patients throughout the Hartford, Connecticut area can rest easy, knowing that they are not exposing their teeth or gums to harsh chemicals. Also, your dentist can adjust the amount of hydrogen peroxide in your tooth whitening treatment to avoid tooth sensitivity. In addition to the instant results provided by the in-office method, Zoom!® products are available for touch-up use at home to whiten your smile as needed.

If you would like to learn more about the revolutionary Zoom!® teeth whitening technology, contact our Hartford, Connecticut-area dentistry office today.

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Smile Gallery: Patient Results

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