Goodbye, Gunk: The Benefits of Tongue Scrapers By Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry on April 29, 2017

A woman using a tongue scraperWhile it may be tempting to write tongue scraping off as the latest holistic medical fad, the practice actually dates back centuries to ancient India. More importantly, it remains a highly relevant, extremely effective form of dental care in the modern age. For about the cost of two tall lattes at Starbucks, you can buy a perfectly good tongue scraper off the shelf at your local drug store and make it an integral part of your everyday oral hygiene regimen.

At the cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice of Steven M. Balloch, D.D.S., we believe that a healthy mouth is the cornerstone of a healthy body. Without good oral health, it is impossible to have the highest possible quality of life. This is why Dr. Balloch provides his patients with as much information as he can about how to keep their mouths clean and healthy between visits to his practice during their appointments. He covers everything from proper toothbrushing techniques to, yes, the benefits of tongue scrapers at his Glastonbury, CT dental practice to give his patients every advantage when it comes to maintaining their oral health.

Every step you take to promote good oral health counts. We encourage you to try tongue scraping for yourself by picking up a tongue scraper the next time you go shopping. In the meanwhile, why not also make an appointment with Dr. Balloch and check “schedule an oral exam” off your to-do list as well?

What Are the Benefits of Scraping Your Tongue?

Your tongue is a safe harbor for bacteria and other toxins. While you may think that you are eliminating these unwanted guests by brushing your tongue with your toothbrush, you actually need a stronger tool to do the trick than the softer bristles of your toothbrush provide. Don’t worry; unlike the enamel of your teeth, your tongue can take something a bit more abrasive.

When you use a tongue scraper, you will:

  • Improve the taste of food: If you don’t currently scrape your tongue, there is likely a layer of bacteria, dead skin cells, and other debris separating your taste buds from the foods and beverages you most enjoy. Remove that layer and you will truly enjoy the full flavor of those foods and beverages once again.
  • Enjoy healthier digestion: That same layer of gunk on your tongue that interferes with your taste buds also interferes with proper digestion. By removing it, you will digest your foods better.
  • Have better oral health: Just as the bacteria on your teeth can develop into plaque, so can the bacteria on your tongue. That plaque can spread to your teeth, causing damage even though you might otherwise take immaculate care of your teeth. Scraping your tongue can eliminate both plaque and the bacteria that contribute to plaque.
  • Have fresher breath: While a toxin-coated tongue isn’t necessarily the primary cause of bad breath, let alone the only cause, it is often a major contributor. If you have bad breath, tongue scraping could help to improve matters significantly.

Learn More about the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers

To learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapers, please contact our cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice today.

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