Implant Reconstruction

Dental Implant Reconstruction


A key to having a successful dental implant experience is precise planning. Dr. Steven Balloch and his team can replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, or completely rebuild the bite with dental implants. Their experienced practice offers dental implant reconstruction, including bone grafting, and teeth in a day.

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Basically, an implant is an artificial root typically made out of titanium. Quite simply, it provides us with a platform to replace the missing tooth. As with full mouth reconstruction, implant reconstruction involves planning. Oftentimes there are multiples of teeth involved, sometimes no teeth at all. A patient comes in with a set of dentures that they can't function with. So it depends on the situation. It can be very simple from just replacing a single missing tooth to replacing enough implant support to completely rebuild one or both of the dental arches. These days there is an approach called all-in-one, which can be done in one day with proper planning. There are so many things that go into the surgery, the grafting techniques, multiple numbers of manufacturers and types of implants. I have people in the area, specialists who are fantastic at placing implants. If I have a patient who is missing a tooth or multiple teeth and they know they have to have implants, one of the first things we do is send them for a consultation. My specialist will take a special CAT scan, a dental CAT scan of the jaw that shows them exactly where all the critical structures are. From there we plan the placement of that implant to the best possible position for me to rebuild a crown. For me, for my work to be successful, for me to have a beautiful reconstruction, I want to make sure those implants are placed in the exact position I need them to be. We actually provide a surgical guide to the implant specialist so that they can place that guide in the patient's mouth and get perfect positioning of the implants. We do that every time, for every patient, and we get great results. We'd be happy to have a patient call for a courtesy consultation. We can take a look at their situation, listen to their concerns, and perhaps offer some treatment options, and if they feel like it's a good fit, then go ahead and make an appointment with us and start the examination process.