Howie's Testimonial

Another Satisfied Dentistry Patient Testimonial


In this dentistry patient testimonial, Howie describes his experience in receiving a full mouth rehabilitation with Dr. Balloch and his team. The experience has been "life-changing," and has boosted his self-confidence. He says the care he received was exceptional, and that he would absolutely recommend this practice to others.

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I had a full mouth rehabilitation done with Dr. Balloch and his staff. It's something that I'd wanted to do for pretty much my lifetime because it started with an auto accident when I was young. I'm extremely pleased with the results. All along, I could see the progress and was happy with the progress but then when it finally all came together, just a great result. It has been absolutely life-changing. As I indicated, this started at a young age when I was in an auto accident, and the majority of my life I literally did my best not to smile because I felt embarrassed. I don't know whether that made sense or not. I certainly did, and this has been very life-changing and that I now genuinely and readily will smile and open up, so it's been great. I would certainly rate the experience with Dr. Balloch and his staff just at the top, whatever the top is, maybe even over the top because I've gone through a lot of dental procedures throughout my life. I've got a lot that I can compare with as well. There were many dentists that I've worked with over the years that I was not comfortable with. Either there wasn't a good, I'll say, chemistry or I really wasn't pleased with the method or the result. A lot of times I worked with dentists where it really seemed to be more about them, than me. In the case of Dr. Balloch and his staff, I just really felt like we were a team the whole way. Dr. Balloch is a perfectionist and I mean that in a very positive way. He would not move forward until he was absolutely satisfied with the step that we were in. So it was just terrific. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Balloch and his whole team, and I have. It has been a great experience working withe the entire office staff here. Every one of them is very professional, very pleasant. And I always feel, even now as I come in today and I get welcomed here, that they're very passionate about what they do. They care about the patients, they care about the results and it's a great feeling.