Full Mouth Rehabilitation for a Renewed, Gorgeous Smile


A full mouth rehabilitation can rebuild your bite and smile. By combining treatments, we can formulate a customized plan that meets your unique needs. We can phase treatments to fit your schedule.

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The full mouth reconstruction basically means rebuilding the mouth with a series of crowns, bridges and maybe veneers. And then other things, other complications that may come into play can be missing teeth, infected teeth, periodontal disease, problems with the joints, TMJ issues, and of course, cosmetic issues. So you can run into all kinds of different areas of need when you're doing a full mouth reconstruction. I'm lucky. I'm very, very good at doing the reconstruction part, but I also have a good number of specialists. I have implant specialists, I have gum specialists, I have root canal specialists to do the work for my patients at highest level of care. So at the end of the day, with all of us putting our training and our experience together, we create a beautiful result for our patients. It's important to take a global approach to these patients. You can't have a patient come in and go ahead and fix one or two crowns when really there are many other problems involved. I like to use the phrase, "I don't want to focus on any one single tree. I want to look at the forest first." And then by taking that kind of approach, you can go through all the different issues and make sure that no stone has been uncovered in the process of treatment planning a patient. By the end of the reconstruction process, the patient's mouth is pristine. It's totally healthy, and they're able to function and smile like they've always wanted to. Smile design is a part of any full mouth reconstruction. Obviously, we want to be able to work out all the functional movements, we want to make sure that the biology of the reconstruction is correct, but also how the front teeth are aligned has to do a lot with function and has to do a lot with the patient's smile. We spend a lot of time with our patients talking about how they want this to look. We have several materials here in the office that allows them to help choose the shape and size of their teeth. We'll ask them to bring in photographs from a yearbook or maybe wedding pictures, so we have an idea of what their teeth used to look like. Sometimes folks will bring in pictures of models from glamour magazines, you know, they like something about a particular smile. So we bring all that together, we decide how we want things to look and then we send the patient's plaster models to one of my technicians and he actually does a mock-up in wax that allows for all the functional parameters of the reconstruction and for the cosmetic part, the smile part of the reconstruction. It's a very predictable process. And there are several pauses in the process for us to reevaluate what we've done so at the end of the procedure the patient knows exactly what their full mouth reconstruction is going to look like. Actually, believe it or not, the recovery time for what we do here in our practice is very short. It's basically the recovery time from getting over the effects of the sleep dentistry. They come in one week, typically we do the upper arch, they wake up and they have custom temporary crowns in the shape of their diagnostic mock-up. We wait a week, at the end of that week we bring them back in for a second visit. They go off to sleep again and they wake up and they have the bottom teeth completely worked so they have a matched set of custom temporary crowns designed and shaped to mimic the diagnostic wax-up that we'd already planned for. The patient finishes the initial stage of the reconstruction. They have the custom temporary crowns in their mouths. They're functioning normally. If there are any little high spots or issues with the bite we work them out at that time. And typically about two or three months after they've been wearing the custom temporary crowns we are ready to deliver the permanent restorations. By then we know that the function is correct, we know the joints and the muscles are comfortable. So then it's just a question of taking off the temporaries and trying and fitting and cementing the permanent ones in. And really, again, the recovery time from that is maybe the amount of time it takes for the Novocaine to wear off. You know, I encourage patients to go online, there's an unbelievable amount of information out there, but I have to be honest with you. We do an awful lot of this work. We've been doing it for many years. I think the best thing would be for them to perhaps go to the Smile Gallery. If you're already into our website, go to the Smile Gallery and look at some of the cases that we've done. and if you like what you see, then the next thing would be to call us for a courtesy consultation. We'd love to have you come in where we can listen to your concerns, take a look at your mouth, perhaps come up with some treatment options.

Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

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