How to Choose an Implant Dentist

If you are considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you may be wondering how to choose an implant dentist. Many practitioners offer dental implants. However, you should not just visit the first doctor you find or the one who offers a special “limited time” deal. Sadly, many dentists do not have the necessary experience to ensure your safety and lasting results. In contrast, when you visit our Hartford, CT-area practice, you can enjoy truly superior care. Our dentists work with a highly trained team of implantologists, who will perform your implant surgery. Then Dr. Steven M. Balloch and Dr. Joshua Lomke can provide a custom-crafted restoration. They have a keen eye for detail, and they use advanced restorative materials. In this way, they can give you a stunning smile and results that exceed your expectations.

Choose an Experienced Doctor

Photo of a dental implantWhen choosing an implant dentist, the most important consideration is your doctor’s experience. Sometimes, an untrained dentist will not be able to identify signs of bone recession. Other times, they may position the implants incorrectly, resulting in implant failure. Further, with a novice dentist, you will likely face a longer recovery, greater discomfort, and a higher likelihood of surgical complications.

To avoid complications and provide the most accurate treatment, Dr. Balloch and Dr. Lomke can evaluate your jawbone using our advanced technology. They have years of experience and can easily recognize signs of bone degeneration. With this detailed planning, our knowledgeable and highly practiced team of surgeons can place your implants in precise locations that were chosen by our doctors. The implantologists we work with are familiar with several types of dental implants and will carefully place the ones that are right for you. With their practiced hands and meticulous techniques, you can enjoy a stress-free surgery, easy recovery, and long-lasting results.

Find a Practitioner Who Offers Beautiful Cosmetics

Of course, your health is the most important concern when it comes to choosing a dentist. Nonetheless, aesthetics are a big factor, as well. As experts in cosmetic care, Drs. Balloch and Lomke can provide you with a prosthetic that matches the rest of your smile. We will design your restoration using detailed images and impressions, so it will match the shape and size of your other teeth and gums. With our state-of-the-art materials, it will also have a natural color and shine. Further, we will create your crown, bridge, or denture after considering your overall facial features. Therefore, your restoration can properly support your lips and cheeks, giving you a more youthful appearance.

If you are looking for a superior implant dentist, our team can provide the advanced care you need for successful, life-changing treatment.

Select a Dentist Who Puts Your Comfort First

Whenever you come into our office, we want to make sure that you are completely at ease. We offer complimentary juices and snacks, a media center, paraffin-wax treatments, and many other amenities. If you are still feeling anxious, we can administer one of several different types of sedation to put you at ease. With these medications, you will experience virtually no discomfort, and you will remember almost nothing of your treatment. Most importantly, our entire team is friendly and personable. We will take time to answer your questions, and we will do anything we can to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Contact Us to Find a Top-Notch Implant Dentist

If you are looking for a superior implant dentist, our team can provide the advanced care you need for successful, life-changing treatment. Contact us online to learn more about us and our team of implantologists. You can also call (860) 659-8660 for more information.