Dr. Jeffrey Glavin

Dr. Jeffrey Glavin grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts and graduated cum laude from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. Right after graduation, he and Kristen were married in Stonehill’s Chapel of Mary. He then attended the prestigious Georgetown University School of Dentistry, where he managed a difficult course study, he and his wife had two of their three children during this time, and he worked  several part time jobs before graduating in 1985. He and his family moved back to Massachusetts, had their third child, and eventually developed a large multi-doctor practice in Bourne, Massachusetts.

Dr. Glavin enjoys continuing education and believes in the philosophy of lifelong continual  improvement, is active in several professional organizations and study clubs, and has built an impressive resume as his career has progressed. He shares Dr. Balloch’s passion for complex restorative dentistry and has followed several of Dr. Balloch’s learning experiences from top dental continuums, including the LD Pankey Institute, The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study, and The Schuster Center for Professional Development, and he is a member of the Seattle Study Club. Dr. Glavin is also in the New England Master Track XII of the Academy of General Dentistry, an advanced continuum in general dentistry. His blend of extensive training and experience is rare and enables him to deliver the same range of simple to complex restorative treatment as Dr. Balloch offers, and more.

He is truly passionate about providing exceptional, painless restorative dentistry and its impact on the health and quality of life of his patients – one of the main reasons why Dr. Balloch and his staff are so pleased and excited that he has joined the practice. He also understands the importance of spending time with his patients to educate them about the benefits of good dental health and to better understand their particular dental concerns.

As a child I remember my fear of the dentist and having to chew on painful teeth, and I was ashamed of the dark cavities in my front teeth and my crooked smile.  One caring dentist changed all that and with the help of braces gave me a comfortable, healthy, and confident smile. I want to be that dentist for my patients. I want to know their stories and the goals they have for their health and their smiles, so I can help them the way I was helped.

Dr. Glavin and his wife's strong sense of family led them to want to be in  Connecticut, where two of their children and four of their grandchildren live. He sold his practice in Massachusetts and has moved here to be closer to them. He learned of the opportunity in our office and visited with us several times, and we are indeed fortunate that he has decided to continue his dental career with Dr. Balloch and his staff here in Glastonbury. He looks forward to meeting all of you and your families.